Keepsafe Vpn – Virtual Private Network Proxy

Keepsafe Vpn – Virtual Private Network Proxy

Keepsafe Vpn – Virtual Private Network Proxy

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Protect your mobile privacy & safeguard yourself from hackers on WiFi hotspots, WiFi networks and mobile networks with Keepsafe VPN. Hide your location and, unlike other VPN apps, we don’t keep any logs!

Keepsafe VPN is:
Fast – One tap and all browsing is secure
Private – No logs are stored anywhere
Easy – Runs in the background
Reliable – Keepsafe is a brand you can trust that will always protect your privacy

Why do I need a VPN?

If you use free, public WiFi hotspots, your personal data is susceptible to hackers who may be lurking on the network. Keepsafe VPN automatically secures your connection as you access public WiFi hotspots or cellular data networks.

Protect your location and browsing activity from being seen by your Internet Service Provider, IT manager at work, or anyone else who may be tracking you. Unlike other free VPNs, Keepsafe keeps no logs so you never need to worry.

Unblocked Access
You can visit any website from anywhere without restrictions using Keepsafe VPN. Bypass firewalls and unblock restricted content to guarantee safe access for private browsing.

Install Keepsafe VPN for the following features:

Secure WiFi encryption
Browse the web safely with maximum security, even on public hotspots and other unsecured networks. Keepsafe VPN secures your Android device connection when you browse from any network.

Private browsing
Keep your browsing activity confidential. Our secure Virtual Private Network proxy hides your location and protects your personal information when you browse and access content so you can take better control of your privacy. Safely access your favorite content from anywhere!

Multiple devices
Keepsafe VPN may be used with up to 10 devices. There are no restrictions or additional fees on the number of secure connections a person makes.

Keep personal data safe and private
We never keep logs. There’s no tracking or logging of your online activity anywhere, ever.

No data limitations
Use the bandwidth you need without additional fees for use.

Keepsafe VPN auto-secures whenever you join a Wifi hotspot that hasn’t already been set as a trusted network. You’ll never need to remember to use VPN or monitor your bandwidth.

Easy-setup, easy-to-use
Simply download and sign-up to immediately secure your connection.

Stay safe with Keepsafe Virtual private Network Proxy. We secure your Android device so your location and identity always stay private from anyone else who may be monitoring you. Protect your online searches and purchases—all of the time.


About Keepsafe

Keepsafe helps you to protect your personal important data. We focus on making simple to use, secure apps and services that improve your digital life.

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